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Miguel Herrero, 45 años, español, profesor de secundaria

He aprendido francés durante un mes en la escuela Verlaine-Langue y es un sitio que recomiendo sin lugar a dudas por las siguientes razones:
Su precio es imbatible y, además, te proporcionan el material, algo que no hacen muchas escuelas, que te obligan a comprar sus libros. El material entregado, a su vez, es de calidad.
Los grupos son poco numerosos (seis alumnos como máximo), lo que facilita la comunicación oral. Además, el ambiente de la escuela resulta familiar y ese es un detalle que se agradece.
A destacar el buen hacer de Claudine, la profesora, con una gran preparación y disposición y con una gran ventaja respecto a otros docentes: domina varios idiomas y puede conocer las diferencias, dificultades y matices de tu lengua respecto al francés.
Por último, la mejor razón: al final de mi estancia me reuní con los colegas de trabajo de mi mujer, todos franceses, y pude, después de un mes , más o menos manejarme y hablar un poco con ellos en francés, lo cual no es poco.
Creo que son todas razones de peso para elegir Verlaine-Langue si quieres aprender francés en París. Es posible que no pueda competir en publicidad con las grandes instituciones y que el no ser un lugar conocido te haga pensar que no vale la pena pero es un lugar altamente recomendable.


Dr. Dan Shanit, 67, Israel

האטרקציה של לימוד בקבוצה קטנה - היוה את הגורם המכריע בבחירת ביה"ס הזה, אולם
דבר לא הכינני לחווית הלימוד היחודית עם קלודין. האוירה האינטימית ומכונת
האספרסו וריחו קידמו אותי בכניסתי לבי"ס קטן וחביב זה המציע ארבע קבוצות לימוד
ממוינות היטב עפ"י רמת התלמידים. שתי שעות ההוראה היומיות , שעוברות ביעף,
כוללות שילוב של שיחה תוך כדי בנית אוצר מילים, התיחסות למושגים תרבותיים
מקובלים ועגה מקומית, צפיה
  מודרכת ומעקב אחר דיאלוגים וסימולצית מצבים בוידאו,
שעורי הדקדוק
  הצרפתי (המהוים מטרד הכרחי  לכל בר דעת) ושעורי בית המחייבים
השקעה נוספת ביחס זהה לשיעורים הפרונטליים. על כל זה מנצחת בהצלחה מרובה קלודין
המצטיינת בשלושים שנות נסיון אולם גם בחן רב, הומור בלתי נדלה ואמפטיה
של המתמודדים במטלה הנתפסת כקשה רק בגילי המתקדם. אין לי כל ספק ששלושת שותפותי
למשימה מארה"ב, קרואטיה וונצואלה יצטרפו בשמחה ובהתלהבות
  להכרת התודה למורה
המוכשרת שהפכה את הלימוד לחויה מרתקת ומהנה.

The attraction of learning in a small group was the main determinent in my choice of the language school. However nothing has prepared me to the unique learning experience with Claudine. The intimate surroundings and the smell of coffee from the espresso machine have welcomed my entrance to this lovely small school that offers merely four daily teaching groups that are well selected based on individual students' levels. The two daily teaching hours passing fast and painlessly included interesting verbal communication while building up one's vocabulary, reference to contemporary and local cultural terms, directed following of video-screened dialogues and simulations and (troublesome) facing of the impossible. but essential, French grammer, coupled with controlled homework that requires a similar time investment . All of the above is orchestrated very well by the 30 year of teaching experienced Claudine who benefits from a great sense of humour and a load of patience and empathy. I have no doubt that my other 3 classmates from the US, Croatia and Venezuela will enthusiastically join my expression of gratitude to a most talented mentor who turned the language course into an enlightening and pleasant experience.


Friederike Boenig, 22, german, student

Während eines 3-monatigen Praktikums in Paris wollte ich vor allem mein gesprochenes Französisch verbessern. Nachdem mich die bekannten Sprachschulen aufgrund der großen Kurse und der hohen Preise nicht recht überzeugen konnten, fand ich zum Glück die Verlaine Langue. Diese kleine, feine Sprachschule ist absolut großartig und hat mir geholfen, mein Ausdrucksvermögen in kurser Zeit deutlich zu steigern. Beide Lehrer sind unglaublich engagiert und gehen auf alle individuellen Probleme und Fragen ein. Durch den täglichen Unterricht und die Hausaufgaben lernt man sehr schnell. Der Kurs war das Geld auf jeden Fall wert. Ich habe mich durchweg sehr wohl gefühlt und auch die Lage in der Butte aux Cailles ist sehr schön. Schade war nur, dass ich nach 4 Wochen Kurs im Level Intermediaire nicht weiter machen konnte - ich wäre wirklich gern noch länger geblieben. Merci beaucoup, Claudine et Jean!

During my 3-months-internship in Paris Ireally wanted to improve my French conversation skills. While the well-known language schools in Paris couldn't quite convince me due to big groups and high rates, I luckily found Verlaine Langue. This small, excellent language school is absolutely great and helped me to improve my French in a short amount of time. Both teachers are incredibly motivated and deal with all individual questions and problems. Because of the daily lessons and homework it is possible to learn very fast compared to other courses. The course was definitely worth the money. I felt very comfortable the whole time and the location in the Butte aux Cailles is also very nice. I was sad that after 4 weeks in the Intermediaite course I couldn't continue -I really would have liked to stay longer. Merci beaucoup, Claudine et Jean!


Anna Trotter, 66, American

I have found Verlaine Langue an excellent place to learn French. As a result, I have continued taking classes for 3 months. I am an older student and the small classes, maximum six, have been ideal. (actually the small classes benefit any age). Claudine is an excellent teacher, she keeps the class interesting as well as productive. The two hours seem to fly. Claudine does expect punctually and completion of the home work.I agree with these standards 100%. I highly recommend Verlaine Langue. It is money well spent.


Monica, 31 ani, asistent medical, Románia

Sunt multimita ca am ales scoala "Verlaine Langue". Nu sunt mai mult de 6 elevi. Atmosfera este agreabila si prieteneasca. Am întâlnit' o profá super simpatica, care este atenta la toate problemele noastre vis-a-vis de limba francezá. Cu ea am facut progrese rapide in a vorbi si scrie in limba franceza. V-o recomand!


Tamara Underwood, 39, bakery owner, American

Learning a new language as an adult is not as easy as a young student, but I was very impressed with the organization, presentation and structure of the classes at Verlaine-Langue. In just three weeks of classes, my French had gone from very remedial comprehension and speaking to being able to communicate more confidently in most social interactions. I would absolutely and without hesitation recommend this school to anyone looking to either learn or improve upon his/her French.


Jessica Jiang, 21, flutist, Australian

When I started classes at Verlaine Langue I was a complete beginner. Now, I can understand and have a good conversation with people in the shops. The teachers, Claudine and Jean, were very experienced but still very passionate about teaching. Besides teaching the language, I felt that they genuinely cared about students and were always willing to offer helpful advice about the culture and life in France. Thank you Verlaine Langue for giving me a warm welcome every day!


Debra Miller, 62, American

Verlaine Langue provides a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Claudine has a marvelous way of interlacing French language and culture with patience and at a pace that meets the needs and abilities of each student. The small class sizes ensures no one is overlooked, all questions are answered, and everyone participates. I started classes at the debutante level, knowing only a few French phrases. After a few weeks of lessons, I found myself understanding what others were saying and I was even able to engage in simple conversations.


Bette Mueller-Roemer, 74, American

I studied French at Verlange Langue this past September for three weeks and two years ago in August for two weeks. It was highly recommended to me by a friend who had studied  there. I was attracted to the two hour period which suited my schedule. The small number of students in the class (6 maximum) was ideal for giving students individual time for participation. My teacher, Jean, presented a grammar lesson each day followed by homework which we corrected together the next class. He presented the grammar clearly and gave us a well organized study sheet which we could refer to. I found Jean to have a entertaining original way to teach grammar. His explanations of the rules of grammar were lively, often humorous and memorable. His emphasis on French as it is actually used day to day was a highlight of his teaching method. All in all I had a wonderful experience at Verlaine Langue. I would suggest that the instruction be varied by the use of audio tapes and videos and perhaps games to give more variety to the class time. There tended to be a sameness to the daily classes. One very positive aspect of the class time was to discuss a particular subject and each class member would relate that subject to his culture. Since each student tended to be from a different culture it made an interesting discussion. I would suggest giving a subject to the students the day before as homework and request  that they prepare their answers.


Lisa, 31, American, Assistant Controller

My experience in the beginner French class was fantastic. The teaching method and pace was challenging yet reasonable, logically building a base from the first day through to the last. Claudine's ability to speak at each level as we advanced made me feel more comfortable with and confident in my own progress. I am looking forward to taking additional courses with Verlaine Langue!


Rita, brasileira, fonoaudióloga, 28 anos

Na escola Verlaine Langue eu encontrei o mais completo método de ensino do francês. A professora está sempre atenta a tudo; tanto a linguagem oral quanto à escrita são trabalhadas em seus dois estágios: compreensão e expressão. Com apenas dois meses de aula, já sinto enorme diferença em minha comunicação.


Massimo, italiano, architetto, 37 anni

Sono stato molto contento di aver scelto la scuola Verlaine Langue. Era proprio il tipo di corso che cercavo. Massimo 6 persone, insegnante super-simpatica e molto attenta ai problemi di noi debuttanti, clima amichevole e ideale per chi, come me, temeva un "ritorno alla scuola" fatta di aule affollate e professori distratti. Grazie alla capacità dell'insegnante Claudine di interpretare le nostre difficoltà, il corso ha insistito sui punti deboli di ognuno senza mai perdere di vista l'obiettivo generale di fornirci delle basi di conoscenza della lingua scritta e parlata. Ognuno di noi ha  avuto la possibilità di ripetere più volte un argomento particolarmente ostico – ricordo con simpatia l'approccio ai famosi "verbi del terzo gruppo" – o di svolgere un esercizio in aula e correggerlo immediatamente con l'insegnante, così da focalizzare i punti critici o sottolineare le regole della grammatica. E che dire poi del piacere di conoscere culture diverse in un'atmosfera di amicizia e complicità, che è possibile ritrovare solo in gruppi limitati di persone. Un'ottima esperienza che mi sento di voler raccomandare a chi vuole imparare il francese in modo efficace e simpatico!


Amanda, 29, New Zealander, actor

My experience at Verlaine Lange was excellent and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for somewhere to study French in Paris. The classes are small and Claudine is a brilliant teacher. The environment she creates is encouraging and friendly but also very challenging which means you make some notable progress.Verlaine Langue appealed to me as I didnt feel like 'just another number. They take care in ensuring you make progress and cater to each individuals needs. So go! I wish I could go back!'


Telisa, brasileira, 61 anos, professora universitária

Gostei muito de estudar francês no Instituto Verlaine Langue. A turma era pequena, com até seis alunos cujo nível de proficiência era semelhante; Jean, o professor tinha  preparo  e experiência para bem ensinar francês a estrangeiros. O ambiente das aulas era de descontração e amizade. Além disso, o bairro onde se situa o Instituto  Verlaine é simplesmente encantador.
Escolheria a Verlaine de novo!


Christina, 26, American, Graduate Student

I first learned about Verlaine Langue through an Internet Search. I was looking for a school with small classes that would leave me enough time to explore Paris in the afternoon and evening. Verlaine Langue looked perfect.  I sent an email, and Claudine responded right away with answers to all of my questions.The class has been exactly what I expected: a friendly atmosphere and small classes with a lot of personal attention given to each student. This school is a great place to go if you'd like to have the opportunity to practice speaking French.


Yo Otsu, 38, Japanese, Scientist


Javier Hernando Ureta, español, informatico, 24 ans

Soy estudiante desde que tengo uso de razón, y algo muy importante para un estudiante es aprender en un ambiente abierto, divertido, relajado y sobretodo en el que haya buena comunicación, tanto con la profesora como con el resto de alumnos, y en está escuela, en Verlaine Langue, es algo que esta presente todos los días. La profesora transmite su energía y vitalidad a sus alumnos haciendo que el estudio del francés no suponga una cosa pesada. Y durante las clases se realizan ejercicios de todo tipo, desde simples ejercicos de gramática, ejercicios de lectura, ejercicioscon videos y ejercicios orales, consiguiendo que poco a poco el alumno se vaya adaptando a cada uno de los aspectos de esta lengua. Personalmente tengo una muy buena experiencia en esta escuela y para todo aquel que necesite progresar en el francés de manera rápida y comoda se la recomiendo.


Alessandro, italiano, studente, 22 anni

Dopo poche settimane alla scuola Verlaine Langue, il mio francese é migliorato nettamente. La particolarità di questa scuola é che le classi sono piccole, normalmente tre, quattro studenti con un professore. Di conseguenza la lezione si adatta ai bisogni di ciascuno. Il clima in classe è molto familiare e la conversazione in francese è stimolata da dibattiti interessanti. Professori disponibilissimi, preparati e simpatici. Corpo studenti variegato... Ho incontrato giornalisti, pittori, pianisti, insegnanti, studenti di varie nazionalità, età e formazione.


Helena, chinese (Hong Kong)

I chose Verlaine Langue among many other schools. The small class system makes the teacher take good care of everyone in the class. All the students have equal chance to speak and to practise. It is also easier and more flexible for the teachers to adjust the syllabus and focus on our different weaknesses. Because of that, everybody speaks freely in a friendly and ‘agreable’ atmosphere of learning.
Verlaine Langue makes it a pleasure to go to school everyday.


Mat, 42, Australian, research scientist

Trying to learn French in Paris, what an opportunity and setting....I had a short sabbatical in Paris and spent two month with Verlaine-langue improving my French (May and June 06). I had some ideas, a little grammar and some vocabulary, but really couldn't speak much. Saw a flyer at Cite Universitaire and well, the classes were wonderful, would have really liked to continue and learn more. An opportunity to listen and practice in a small group setting, never more than five, also met a bunch of other friendly students that way. Real interaction and everybody’s turn, no escape, you will have to try and speak. Claudine is a great teacher, she really cares about the students and wants you to succeed. Incredibly motivated and energetic, patient and willing to repeat again and again what I didn't get immediately. She accommodates frequent questions and individual needs, just trying to help you speak and try, to just practice and practice....Whatever the topics, life in Paris and France, French history and politics, weekend trips, anything that you like to talk about she incorporates into her lessons. Really had an enjoyable time. Thanks again. In my opinion learning French requires a lot of patience, but the classes there definitely helped me along. I truly would like to recommend this school.


Evgenia Pukhova, 21, Russian, Student


Mario, colombiano, fotografo medical, 44 años

El paso por Verlaine Langue me hizo recordar la calidad de ciertos profesores de mi época estudiante. Su profesionalismo sin igual me permitio discubrir el francés muy rapido. Como los grupos son pequeños (alrededor de 5 estudiantes), los profesores estan permanentemente attentos a cualquier duda y los estudiantes tienem la oportunidad de expresarse muy amenudo.


Ned, 38, Australian, Landscape Architect

I was recommended to 'Verlaine Langue' by a student taking one of their courses. Now that I have completed a course I fully understand the reasons why they told me to carry out my French language study at 'Verlaine Langue'.
I started the course with a beginners' level of French and needed to improve my French language skills in order to find employment here in Paris. After just 3 weeks I was more than satisfied with the results. Especially seen as, only two weeks after completing the course, I was able to obtain employment as a Landscape architect, after doing a job interview entirely in French!!
I found Claudine to be an excellent teacher. Her knowledge, vibrancy and humour creates an excellent environment to learn. The small class size, only 5 students, for me was also a huge positive with this course. It allowed all the students to participate and profit from all of the exercises given.  It also allowed for the specific needs of each of the students to be catered for. Being in a small class and going to the school for 1 ½ hours per day allowed me to improve my language skills in a very short amount of time.  I found the course to be extremely comprehensive covering all facets of the French language as well as covering French, and Parisian, life and culture. I highly recommend Verlaine Langue to any person who wishes to improve their French language skills in a warm, friendly and effective school.